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Create a Restful Nighttime Routine with CBD Infused Products!

I started a nighttime routine in my twenties. I can remember writing in a diary and then lathering up with face moisturizer every night before bed. As time passed, I incorporated white noise as well as relaxing music.

In my thirties; my nighttime routine consisted of bathing children, reading stories to kids, brushing my teeth, and that was about it. Now in my late thirties, I'm making self-care a priority because my family leans on me for support and guidance. I also have a full-time job, and it can be draining at times!

I recently started using a CBD face serum before bed. The serum has a smooth consistency that absorbs well into my skin; it does not smell or stain. My skin is a combination of oily and dry spots which can make any lotion good for one area but challenging for another. A couple of days into using the serum, I noticed my face was feeling smooth and less puffy when I woke up. The dry flakey feeling was gone!! And it’s winter in Minnesota!!

I also gave CBD bath bombs a try and I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this product! The bath bomb fizzed up like a regular bath bomb. Once in the bath, the water felt like a smooth, warm silky blanket over me with a very subtle lavender scent. My skin was immediately smooth and left me with a soothing feeling of calm.

The bath bomb I chose has coconut and lavender oil as well as Hawaiian sea salt. This combination of ingredients makes this bath bomb such a relaxing addition to my nighttime bath. The following day I went about my usual routine and as I rubbed my arm gently, I realized that the velvety, silky sensation had stayed on my skin. It’s a win/win!! I love this bath bomb!

I still write in my journal or read before bed, but now that I discovered some of the available CBD products, I will integrate them into my self-care routine.


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