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The Sesh 3/20/21

High Country: Two CBD dog treat recipes to try from Kitchen Toke

Aspen Times

Kitchen Toke's Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies. Paul Lowe/Kitchen Toke. SHOP LOCAL. Suzie's CBD Drops @ Rocky Mountain Pet Shop. 107 S.

How To Choose The Best CBD Oil Brands For Anxiety

South Florida Caribbean News

Lastly, Isolate contains nothing other than CBD. Adjusted Potency Levels. The higher the potency level the more effective it is for you. Though this is a...

The Benefits of THC Free CBD Oils - Hawaii Army Weekly

Hemp enters its second season in Wyoming

Powell Tribune

A hemp crop west of Powell was grown during the first season for the plant in the state. The harvest was late in the fall. Tribune photo by Mark Davis. Buy...

The Regulation Of Hemp, Hemp Derivatives And CBD In Animal Products

JD Supra

In the United States, FDA, FTC, DEA and USDA share governance over the cannabis and hemp animal product industry, including regulations on...

Flounder or flourish? Uncertainty hinders hemp, but some see yield ahead for Triad, NC (PHOTOS)

Triad Business Journal

It wasn't long after the U.S. government paved the way for industrial hemp cultivation via the 2014 Farm Bill that farmers in North Carolina and other...

Caroline Ford: The other side of cannabis

Sierra Sun

The spotlight on cannabis delivery services in the Truckee area prompts a different response when you look to address the consequences of...

Why New York Legalizing Recreational Cannabis Won't Kill The Illicit Market


The city that never sleeps has always had a strong illicit cannabis market and adult-use legalization is unlikely to stub it out anytime soon. R ussell, a 60-...

Slow rollout of LA's equity program is painful for cannabis entrepreneurs

Los Angeles Times

Whitney Beatty in her empty Los Angeles storefront last week. Beatty dreams of running a cannabis shop that caters to women of color through L.A.'s...

THC Persists in Breast Milk 6 Weeks After Quitting Cannabis


Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive component of cannabis, remains detectable in breast milk even after weeks of abstinence...


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