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Shipping and Returns

Agreement for Sale and Purchase

According to the terms and conditions of this agreement, Minnesota Nice Cannabis Company("MNCC") agrees to deliver the described goods to the Customer, and the Customer agrees to pay for and accept these goods.

Delivery Schedule

MNCC will deliver the described goods to the shipping agent within one (1) to three (3) business days.

Delivery Delays


MNCC will provide the customer with a tracking number to track the shipment on the shipping agent's website or mobile app. The shipping agent will be responsible for any delays, loss, or damage that occurs during shipping once the good(s) are delivered to them.


If your purchase is defective, please contact us within 30 days and we will offer you an exchange at our discretion.

Risk of Loss

MNCC assumes responsibility for the goods and any risk of damage, loss, or delay until the goods are delivered. Once the goods have been delivered, the customer assumes all responsibility for any damage or loss.


To change anything in this Contract, the Customer and MNCC must agree to the change in writing.

Terms and Termination

If one of the parties chooses to end the Agreement prior to product delivery, the Customer is responsible for paying for all work and costs incurred up until that date.

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